Our range of flooring systems offer the complete solution for your project whether you're looking for a hard-wearing industrial flooring system or one that offers flexibility for use onto underfloor heating. Developed for optimum speed, durability, strength and smoothness, our solutions are the most advanced on the market.

Our flooring solutions

Industrial solutions

Durable industrial flooring systems with a high-precision finishes which can be left uncovered as a wearing surface, or coated with a sealer or decorative resin finish.

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Bonded solutions

Bonded flooring systems designed to level and smooth substrates which can be grinded to a polished finish or be covered with vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.

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Unbonded solutions

Fibre-reinforced unbonded flooring systems which can be finished with floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.

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Timber substrate solution

Fibre-reinforced flooring system for timber substrates finished with floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.

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Underfloor heating solutions

Flooring systems with flexible, fibre-reinforced screeds which can be applied over water or electric underfloor heating systems. Can be covered with vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.

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Acoustic solutions

Noise reducing flooring systems which can be covered with vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles. Various systems are available including those compliant to Robust Details.

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Substrate repair solution

Crack and patch repair system for restoration of substrates prior to the application of weberfloor flooring systems.

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Our flooring products

Commercial screeds

Developed for speed of application, our commercial floor screeds and levelling compounds give a smooth surface that is ready for foot traffic after only a few hours.

Our screeds can be covered with a soft floor covering in 24 hours, offering consistent and reliable drying characteristics with optimum strength and durability.

Commercial floor screeds →

Industrial screeds

Our high-performance industrial floor screeds offer durability, strength, and speed for longer-lasting floors with minimal downtime.

With application speeds up to 10x faster than traditional methods and the fast-drying/curing properties, our industrial screeds can take forklift traffic or resin finishes within just 24 hours.

Industrial floor screeds →

Ancillary products

It's of great importance that the substrate is prepared suitably before installing a Weber flooring system.

Our flooring ancillary products include primers, damp-proofing membranes, reinforcement mesh, and sound-reduction matting.

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