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Help & Advice: Tile Fixing

Successful tiling projects often rely on two things: adequate preparation and use of the right products. For example, when tiling a floor it needs to be sound and level, or if you're tiling a bath or shower area you'll need to waterproof the area with a tanking kit before the tile adhesive is applied.

Tiling onto wood

Strengthen the substrate

Because wooden floors naturally bend, bounce and expand, it is important to increase rigidity and strength in the substrate before tiling, otherwise tiles can crack under the pressure.

Strengthening a wooden floor for tiling →

Tile onto plywood

Tiling onto plywood is possible, however considerations need to be made regarding what classification of tile adhesive is used, and whether there is enough support under the sheets of plywood.

Tiling on plywood →

Tile onto tongue and groove

It is possible to tile onto tongue and groove floorboards or chipboard, however only the most flexible tile adhesives will be suitable to withstand the high levels of movement in the substrate.

Tiling onto tongue and groove floorboards and chipboard →

Tile onto timber & non-tongue and groove

Tiling onto timber and non-tongue and groove floorboards and chipboard is only possible where the substrate has been suitably strengthened first.

Tiling onto timber or non-tongue and groove floorboards and chipboard →

How-to guides

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Beginners' guides: How to tile...


It's easy to understand why tiles have been the top choice for bathrooms for generations – they're incredibly water resistant, durable, easy to clean and of course look great!

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Adding tiles to a splashback above kitchen counters is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add life to a kitchen and will also make cleaning much easier. 

How to tile a kitchen splashback →

Swimming pools

Popularity of smaller garden swimming pools has soared, but it's very important to pay attention to best practice advice when choosing to tile a swimming pool.

Tiling a swimming pool →

Choosing the right products

Tile Adhesive Selector

We've taken the hard work out of finding the right tile adhesive for the job with our Tile Adhesive Selector – simply answer 5 quick questions for the perfect choice.

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Ready-mixed or powder tile adhesive?

Whether you’re new to the tiling game or a seasoned pro, you’ll have come across both ready-mix and powdered tile adhesives.

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Selecting a flexible tile adhesive

Depending on the type of tiles used, the substrate, and its surrounding environment, it's vital you choose the right tile adhesive for the job.

Selecting the best flexible tile adhesive →

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