Help & Advice: Flooring Systems

Help & Advice: Flooring Systems

When it comes to flooring, it's important you know the differences between all products which are required as part of a flooring system. Our guides below help you learn more about each type of product and choose the right flooring system for your next project.

Understanding flooring products

Screed types

Different projects require different types of floor screeds, so how exactly does this affect whether you need modern pre-bagged or traditional sand and cement screeds? 

Pre-bagged vs. traditional sand and cement screeds →

Acrylic primers

Acrylic primers make for huge reductions in time and money, not to mention the added health benefits and the fact they don’t need specialist transport and storage.

Benefits of acrylic primers for flooring →

Moisture control

When laying a floor screed, moisture will try to escape and can cause damage to other layers of the flooring system such as adhesives. So how do you choose a moisture control system?

How to choose a moisture control system →

More guides

From helpful tips and tricks to detailed how-to guides, we publish regular content to help make your job easier when applying floor screeds.

More guides →

Choosing the right system

Flooring system selector

It's important to get it right when choosing a flooring system for your next project, that's why we created our Flooring System Selector. Simply answer two questions to find what flooring system you'll need:

  1. What is the substrate?
  2. Do you have any special requirements (such industrial use, noise reduction, or underfloor heating)?

Flooring System Selector →

Click Compare to help you choose the right product for your project, if you need further assistance please email