How to choose a moisture control system

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When laying any flooring, we understand that you have many things you need to consider, one of which is the amount of moisture found within a substrate.

During the laying process, moisture will try to escape and can cause damage to other layers of the flooring system, such as adhesives, which could cause failure in the flooring.

There are different causes of moisture being found within a substrate, however residual construction water is the most common and can be treated by applying weberfloor MVS or weberfloor DPM Pro. But what is the difference between the two?

What is weberfloor MVS?

weberfloor MVS is a water-based moisture vapour suppressant which can be used to reduce the passage of residual construction moisture up to 95% relative humidity. weberfloor MVS is pre-mixed, easy to spread and very cost effective for new build projects such as houses, schools, hospitals and office buildings. It is a two-coat application, can be coated over in as little as 1 hour and does not require a primer.

What is weberfloor DPM Pro?

weberfloor DPM Pro is two-component epoxy based chemical damp proof membrane. It can be applied on to concrete or cement based screed surfaces with a moisture content of up to 98% RH (measured using a hygrometer) when installed in accordance with Weber recommendations, to facilitate early overlay of moisture sensitive finishes. It is a one-coat application and can used down to 5°C, which allows work to continue during the winter months.

How to tell the relative humidity (RH)?

When choosing a moisture control system, it is important that you understand what the relative humidity (RH) of your substrate is before you begin. Recommended as per British Standards, you should use a hood hygrometer to test the substrate, this will accurately tell you the RH of your substrate and then you can move forward with your project. Moisture levels in flooring should be appropriate for the type of final floor finish being installed.  For most moisture sensitive floor finishes the substrate should contain no more than 75% RH or else you risk failure.

Choosing the right product

We have recently launched our range of flooring systems which offer information on the complete solution you would need for your project, whether you're looking for a hard-wearing industrial flooring system or one that offers flexibility for use onto underfloor heating. You can find our Flooring System Selector here.

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