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Precision grouting

Equipment and machinery which have precise tolerances for alignment or require uniform support cannot be placed directly on finished concrete surfaces. Both the concrete surface and the machine base have irregularities which result in alignment difficulties and bearing load concentrations. For this reason, machine bases or soleplates are aligned and levelled by shimming or other means and the resulting space between the machine base and the foundation is filled with a load transfer material. The load transfer materials most frequently used are hydraulic cement and epoxy grouts.

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Cementitious grouts

Cementitious precision grouts are better suited for static loads for example when grouting under columns, holes, cavities and general infill operations.

These include our most popular products from the webercem advanced range including a version with increased flowability.

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Resin-based grouts

Polyester and epoxy resin grouts are better suited to dynamic loads such as hammer presses, reciprocating machinery, or repetitive forces such as crane rails or rail systems.

These grouts have longer life expectancies and require little to no regular maintenance or replacing.

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