Millennium Bridge, London

The instantly recognisable and much loved Millennium bridge was one of the first highly innovative Jubilee celebration projects. Despite the additional loads its initial commissioning troubles placed on unsuspecting construction members its integrity stood fast and Weber's materials once again proved their worth in critical areas on a prestigious project.

Designed by Ove Arup the bridge features low slung suspension wires that make the bridge seem, intriguingly, to defy gravity. This seemingly light aesthetic design disguises the fact that the same if not a greater load than traditional designs needs to be safely transferred to the supporting structure.

webercem five star grout SP was chosen to support the full weight of the structure via the bearings to column piers whilst webercem five star repair concrete was used as the concrete to the caisson plinths.

The high-performance, precision grouts feature non-metallic chemistry, helping the structure to avoid potential dimension instability, corrosion or staining in the future.

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