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Help & Advice: Technical Mortars

Our technical mortars are subject to extensive laboratory testing to ensure they meet – and in many cases exceed – required standards. Understanding how to specify and apply the right products is imperative for any project, so we've created a series of guides and product selectors to guide you through the process.

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Grouting steel baseplates

It's important that the right grout is chosen depending on the type of load and how the grout needs to be applied to ensure it provides adequate support.

Grouting steel baseplates →

Grouting bridge bearings

Selection of the right grout for static or dynamic loads is paramount when grouting bridge bearings, as well as selecting the correct method of application.

Grouting bridge bearings →

Grouting crane rails

Specific kinds of grouts need to be used to withstand the dynamic rolling loads associated with crane rails. It's also important to apply correctly and to spot any areas that could crack.

Grouting crane rails →

Strengthening walls

Our structural strengthening products are backed up by extensive laboratory testing of combinations of sheeting and cross-membraning using carbon fibre strips.

Strengthening walls →

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Choosing the right products

Concrete repair product selector

Answer two questions about your project including the application method (hand, pumped, sprayed, or injected) and any special requirements, and we'll tell you which products are suitable.

Concrete repair product selector →

How to choose the right patch repair

When working on a small patch of concrete repair you'll need to know what kinds of products you'll need, and whether or not you need a protective coating.

How to choose the right patch repair mortar →

Precision grout product selector

Simply tell us three things about your project regarding load, thickness, and where the grout needs to be applied, and we'll point you in the right direction for suitable products.

Precision grout product selector →

Cementitious vs epoxy vs polyester resins for anchoring and grouting

Certain factors such as the size of the baseplate and the type of load dictate what kind of precision grout needs to be specified.

Cementitious vs epoxy vs polyester resins for anchoring and grouting →

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