Damaged street furniture

Road closures can be costly and disruptive when used to install street furniture for urban landscaping schemes. Signs and posts can be dislodged when installed with conventional sand/cement mortar.

Quick drying post setting compounds as well as rapid setting anchoring grouts are available from Weber when timely intervention and repair are of paramount importance.


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Repairing posts with Weber technical mortars products


Signposts can be dislodged by vandals whilst waiting for conventional sand/cement mortars to set, resulting in breakout and reinstatement. Some posts need to be installed under temporary traffic closure and time taken to install the post is critical.

Repairing bollards using Weber technical mortars products


Bollards need to be fully anchored into the pavement with a robust bedding mortar or concrete. Bollards can become loose when traditional mortars break up.

Waste bins, seating, cycle racks, etc – street furniture repair

Waste bins, seating, cycle racks, etc

Rapid installation of expensive modern street furniture is required to prevent vandalism or theft.

Use pre-bagged design mix bedding mortars

The use of pre-bagged design mix bedding mortars is ideal for busy pedestrianised areas where disruption to the general public is to be kept to a minimum and rapid installation is required by the contractor.

Post set

Rapid installation of posts using webercem pyracrete.

Rapid-setting concrete

Install heavy-duty street furniture with rapid set concretes such as webercem pyracrete or webercem pyrapatch.

Bedding mortar

Use rapid-setting mortars for ease of installation using webercem pyrabed T60 or T90.

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