Help & Advice: Renders & decorative finishes

Help & Advice: Renders & Decorative Finishes

Nothing beats a beautifully-rendered and well-maintained building façade, so it's important to understand how to apply render correctly, troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and maintain render to prolong its lifespan. 

Maintaining perfect render

Cleaning render

Although render is low maintenance, you may need to wash it down from time to time, this handy guide tells you how to clean render and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

A guide to render cleaning →

Repairing cracks

More noticable cracks in monocouche render can be repaired and retain a similar level and texture to the existing render. Read our guide or watch the instructional video to learn more.

Repairing cracks in render →

Protecting monocouche

Whilst monocouche render is low maintenance, like any other building facade it is not immune from the gradual buildup of organic growth and dirty deposits

Protecting render →

Helpful information

What's the difference between silicone and monocouche render systems?

Silicone renders are sometimes mistaken for monocouche renders due to the similar through-colour properties, but they are two very different products.

Find out why →

Rendering in cold weather

Applicators might dread working outdoors over the long winter months since colder weather can cause lots of issues if you’re working with render.

Find out how to avoid common mistakes →

What is ghosting?

‘Ghosting’ is a phenomenon whereby the outline of the blockwork is showing through the render as a result of penetrating dampness from the underlying masonry.

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More guides

From helpful tips and tricks to detailed how-to guides, we publish regular content to help make your job easier when applying render.

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Choosing the right system

Render system selector

Simply enter the type of substrate you're applying on to and the finish you'd like and we'll tell you which render system you need.

Render System Selector → 

Façade colour simulator

Bring your ideas to life by uploading your own photo or use one of our pre-loaded templates to try different facade options.

Try our façade colour simulator →

Colour & texture charts

Choosing a texture and colour for a newly rendered façade can be one of the most important decisions on a project. 

View façade colour charts →
View façade texture charts →

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