External Wall Insulation Systems for Refurbishment

External Wall Insulation

Reduce your carbon footprint and refresh your façade with our range of external wall insulation systems. With a variety of colours, textures and finishes on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. What’s more, with around 33% of heat lost through uninsulated solid walls, installing an external wall insulation (EWI) system could save you money on your heating bills.

All about external wall insulation

Why choose EWI?

With external wall insulation systems you not only reduce the amount of heat lost through your walls, but you also get a brand new façade to update the exterior of your home.

Did you know that around 33% of heat is lost through uninsulated solid walls? Our EWI systems dramatically reduce the amount of heat loss in your home, saving you money on your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

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What are the benefits?

If you have one of the 8.5 million homes in the UK that is rated as ‘hard to treat’, the usual methods of retroactively insulating may not be open to you. But there’s more to EWI than just lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly home.

Between a more comfortable indoor temperature and a chance to refresh the look of your home, there are many reasons to choose EWI.

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How does it work?

An external wall insulation system is attached to the outside of your home, and is built up in several layers including insulation board and an adhesive render coat.

Each system will be designed to fit the requirements of the project, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to colours and finishes for the final look – you can even go for a brick effect!

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What about landlords?

As a landlord, you’ll know only too well the energy efficiency requirements of your property when renting it out.

External wall insulation may be the perfect option to increase thermal efficiency and rejuvenate the appearance of your property, increasing it's long-term value.

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Which system is for you?

webertherm XP

The webertherm XP system uses a specially-designed mineral one coat render which can be pumped by machine making application fast and economical. Labour and scaffolding costs are significantly reduced and the disruption to the homeowner is minimised.

The resulting finish is low maintenance and available in 23 popular colours, and can be finished with a number of textures and features. 

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webertherm XM

webertherm XM is a lightweight, thin-coat polymer render system. This hand-applied system comprises of two layers of base coat render with a choice of decorative finishes.

webertherm XM can be finished in a wide range of over 100 colours across our decorative finish range.

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weberwall brick

weberwall brick is a lightweight, fast-fix, brick-effect system which is fully weather resistant and allows existing structures to freely breathe beneath its surface.

Providing an authentic-looking brick wall appearance, weberwall brick is available in 12 brick options and three pointing mortar colours.

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