DCC Headquarters - Leopardstown, Dublin

The corporate headquarters of DCC, the international corporation in Leopardstown, Dublin, has received an attractive new appearance and greatly improved thermal performance with the application of webertherm XP External Wall Insulation System.

This impressive building was constructed around 30 years ago in cavity blockwork with a simple sand and cement render. The facade carries a number of attractive, raised architectural features around window and door openings and there is a major feature on the elegant, bowed frontage above the main entrance. A specific requirement of the refurbishment brief was to highlight and accentuate these features while improving thermal efficiency in the building. Now complete, the refurbishment project has won universal acclaim with the exterior finish enhancing these attractive architectural features.

Ger Whyte, DCC plc’s company secretary, said: “Our new corporate head office combines energy efficiency with a work environment designed around the needs of our staff, and has created a building which we’re extremely happy with.”

DMOD Architects, Dublin, working with main contractor Townlink Construction, specified the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and NSAI Agrément Registered webertherm XP external wall insulation (EWI) system as the solution that would rejuvenate the building while improving its U-value. EWI extends the life of existing buildings, particularly hard-to-treat properties, by keeping the old structure warm and stable. 

In this project the revolutionary webertherm XP EWI system with webertherm M1 one-coat render was applied using 100mm thick expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. To retain the architectural features raised panels were created with 120mm thick EPS which provided the essential relief. 

Mechanically fixed to the sound substrate, reinforcing meshcloth encapsulated in two 6mm passes of webertherm M1 through-coloured mineral render was applied. The unique one-coat render reduces on-site labour and associated access costs in comparison with a traditional two-coat system. Recent improvements to this special formulation allows webertherm M1 render to work in harmony with seasonal conditions achieving a same-day finish in the summer and a next-day finish in winter. webertherm M1 is also suitable for spray or hand application and offers a low maintenance and impact resistant finish.

Thomas Russell of DMOD Architects said: “Cavity wall insulation had been installed in this building previously, and together with EWI, Weber calculated an impressive U-value of 0.16/m²K from an earlier measurement of 0.27K/m²K.

“Weber also brought us graphics showing a selection of dual colour-ways and the chosen combination of Pearl Grey and Stone Grey has significantly enhanced the appearance of the building, to the approval of the client, staff and the local community.”

Weber-recognised applicator James Doran & Son was appointed by Townlink Construction for the application of 1600m² of webertherm XP EWI which was supplied by Facades Systems, a division of SIG Ireland, a leading supplier of specialist construction products.  Colm Kennedy of Townlink oversaw the EWI installation: “This building was ready for a facelift and that’s exactly what webertherm XP EWI has achieved. We brought in a skilled EWI applicator and together we have all contributed to the transformation of this impressive building which will now be even more comfortable for the staff in both winter and summer.”

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