Despite the diversity in this sector, every project will demand that it provides comfort whilst creating distinctive, high-performance and sustainable developments.  Weber can support you to help keep pace with guests’ evolving expectations whilst creating buildings that inspire and delight, and which are responsive to people’s needs.

Solutions for Leisure & Hospitality


As the “green” building movement gains momentum, there are increasing opportunities for hoteliers to take advantage of the latest innovations in sustainable design and incorporate them into their properties. 

Our experience with hotel build and refurbishment will help support clients to tackle the challenge of energy efficiency and heat loss through walls with the use of our EWI systems to improve their CO2 emissions protecting the planet. 

Leisure Centres

Since the London 2012 Olympics we have seen a growth in world-class facilities to support the interest of the sporting community. 

Weber can offer products and solutions for new build and refurbishment projects from attractive and energy efficient facades to hard wearing floors and tile fixing products to keep communal areas clean, safe and low maintenance.


In the restaurant industry, you will not only be judged by the quality of your food and the efficiency of your service; you will also be judged by the design of your establishment and the atmosphere it generates.

Weber can offer solutions to improve the quality of the floor and walls not only in the dining areas but in the kitchen where hygiene and cleanability is paramount.  The external facade is also important to create that wow factor and a stylish design will help attract customers and keep them returning time after time.

Sporting Venues

Stadiums, arenas and other major venues are unique buildings with unique challenges that require innovative and creative solutions.  These large capacity venues are often complex structures designed to offer the best fan experience.

Weber have many solutions to support the extensive conference and banqueting facilities required for venues which may house tens-of-thousands of people at any one time. High performance, hard wearing and easy to clean floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens are vital to keep stadiums operating efficiently and safely.  

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