Concrete restoration

Our portfolio of specialist mortars provides solutions to repair and protect concrete. BS EN 1504 Principle 3 is concerned with restoring the original concrete element of the structure to its originally specified shape and function.

Concrete restoration is normally carried out using hand-applied patch repairs, recasting with concrete or applying concrete or mortar by spraying. The scope of BS EN 1504-3 includes materials suitable for structural and non-structural repairs.

Methods of protection based upon the BS EN 1504-3 include applying mortar by hand, recasting concrete, spraying concrete, or replacing elements.

Concrete restoration

Issues you may face

1. Spalled concrete

From broken concrete to exposed areas of concrete, due to cracking, reinforcement corrosion or chemical attack.

2. Spalled concrete to soffits

Broken concrete due to reinforcement corrosion or fire damaged concrete.

3. Delaminated concrete

Hollow or delaminated concrete due to reinforcement corrosion to surface steel rebar.

4. Physical damage

Freeze-thaw damage to pavement-quality concrete or impact damage.

5. Reinforcement corrosion

Reinforcement corrosion due to carbonation, low concrete cover and high water-concrete ratio, leading to spalled concrete and loss of section to reinforced concrete element.

6. Impact damage

Damaged concrete due to vehicle collision or mechanical damage leaving exposed steel rebar and loss of section.


1 & 2. Hand-applied mortar

Use hand-applied mortar to non-structural and structural repair:

3. Sprayed concrete

To restore a section of damaged concrete without the use of formwork, and for rapid reinstatement to walls and soffits, use:

4. Recasting concrete to pavement

Using fast-setting repair concrete for permanent quality:

5. Recasting concrete

Using structural, self-compacting, non-shrink micro concrete:

6. Hand-applied mortar

Use lightweight epoxy mortar for Class R4 structural repair, webertec EP mortar

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