Renders & Decorative Finishes

Façade solutions

Rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with a durable weather resistant surface. Our range of façade systems offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional and contemporary finishes.

Our popular façade solutions

Monocouche system for masonry

Through-coloured one-coat render system for masonry which can be finished ashlar and quoin detailing:

  • Façade: Scraped finish (weberpral M*)
  • Colours: Up to 24 colours**
  • Substrate: Masonry
  • Reaction to fire: A1
  • BBA approved: Yes
  • NSAI approved: Yes

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Lightweight façade system for render carrier board

Lightweight façade system suitable for application onto render carrier board with an enhanced water resistant finish:

  • Façade: Textured finish (webersil TF)
  • Colours: Over 100 colours
  • Substrate: Render carrier board
  • Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0
  • BBA approved: Yes
  • NSAI approved: No

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Lightweight brick system for render carrier board

Lightweight brick system suitable for application onto render carrier board with a water resistant brick-effect finish:

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Get inspired

Our façade finishes

Monocouche render

Our monocouche renders are formulated to be sprayed with a render pump for faster application. Applied in two passes which form one coat, monocouche is suitable for most types of masonry and can be finished with a modern scraped texture, traditional roughcast texture, or a durable dry dash finish.

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Decorative finishes

Our thin coat renders and paints are applied onto a suitable base coat render and offer a range of low maintenance finishes including mineral, acrylic, and silicone. These products can be finished in a range of textures including textured finish, smooth finish, tyrolean and travertine.

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Brick-effect finish

Our fast-fix, lightweight brick finish is suitable for internal and external use and is formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers. The brick-effect finish is weather resistant, flexible, and allows existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface.

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*weberpral M is available in England Scotland & Wales; weberpral D is available in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland 

**24 colours available in England, Scotland & Wales; 12 colours available in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

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