Rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with a durable weather resistant surface. Our range of renders systems offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional and contemporary finishes.

Our popular render solutions

Monocouche system for masonry

Through-coloured one-coat render system which can be applied onto blockwork, brickwork or concrete.

Available in up to 24 colours and can be finished with a scraped or roughcast texture.

weberpral monocouche scraped system 
weberpral monocouche roughcast system

Lightweight render system for render carrier board

Lightweight multi-coat render system suitable for application onto render carrier board.

Available in a wide range of over 100 colours as a textured decorative finish. 

weberend MT lightweight system →

Lightweight brick system for render carrier board

Lightweight brick system suitable for application onto render carrier board.

Up to 3x faster to apply than traditional brick slips and can be applied by a semi-skilled labourer – available in 12 colours/styles.

weberwall brick external system →

What's next?

1. Find a system

Simply enter the type of substrate you're applying on to and the finish you'd like – our Render System Selector will then tell you which render system you need.

Render System Selector → 
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2. Select a colour

Once you know which render system you require, you can look at the colours available for the final finish and start to shortlist the ones you like.

Colour charts →

3. Order samples

As soon as you shortlisted a few colours you like, we recommend ordering physical samples to make sure you're happy with how the colour looks in natural light.

Order samples →

4. Make it happen

Once you know the system and colour you'd like, you can take one of three options:


Get inspired

Our products

weberend MT onto board

Render Systems

High performance multi-coat render systems designed for application onto an appropriately framed, approved calcium silicate render board or suitable masonry substrate, with a choice of textured finishes in a wide range of colours.

Renders - Monocouche

Monocouche Renders

Our monocouche is applied in two passes which form one coat, and is formulated to be spray-applied by render pump for faster application. Suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.

Application of webersil TF decorative finish

Decorative Finishes

High performance and low maintenance finishes including mineral, acrylic and synthetic decorative finishes. Weber decorative finishes are able to achieve a wide range of textures, offering durable and weather resistant protection.

Applying weberwall brick

weberwall brick

A fast fix, lightweight brick system which is suitable for internal and external use. Formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers, this brick system is weather resistant and flexible whilst allowing existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface.

Render - Topcoat Renders

Top Coat Renders

Through-coloured, cement-based mortars for use as a render top coat. With flexible polymer renders available, this type of render is suitable as the final finish with various texture options or in preparation to receive decorative aggregates.

Render - Basecoat Renders

Base Coat Renders

Versatile and flexible base coat renders which provide an excellent render background for all Weber finishes. Pre-blended cementitious renders suitable for use as part of our render and EWI systems.

Renders - Stipple Coats

Stipple Coats

Preparatory key coat to achieve a good key when rendering onto smooth or otherwise unsuitable but sound surfaces.

Renders - Ancillaries

Ancillary Products

Suitable for use in the preparation and aftercare of surfaces where the Weber range of renders and decorative finishes are to be applied.

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