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weberwall brick wall wrap
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weberwall brick is a fast fix, lightweight brick-effect façade which is suitable for internal and external use. Formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers, this brick system is weather resistant and flexible whilst allowing existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface.


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weberwall brick is a fast fix, lightweight brick-effect façade which is ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.

Used as the final façade for various render and external wall insulation systems, weberwall brick is applied onto weberwall brick external adhesive (or weberwall brick internal adhesive) and mortar lines are finished with weberwall brick pointing mortar which is available in three colours.

weberwall brick (an alternative to brick effect cladding) can be used on various substrates including:

  • Brick and blockwork
  • All types of concrete surfaces
  • External wall insulation systems
  • Approved render carrier boards
  • Sound and suitably prepared internal plaster

Tutorials and videos

Case studies

Stad Marcwis, Anglesey
PHOTOS: Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn Isle of Anglesey County Council

Stad Marcwis, Anglesey

Innovative materials speed up construction. As with many construction projects scheduled in 2020, the council’s main contractor faced challenges arising as a result of both Brexit and the COVID-19 ...

Broad Street, Guildford

Langford Close, Guildford

With housing demand at an all-time high, the development of the site of the former Hare & Hounds public house in Guildford was an enticing proposition

weberwall brick

Beech Road, Bedfont

A first-time self-builder from Twickenham used his time on furlough to build a two-bedroom home in his back garden.

weberwall brick on EWI
External Wall Insulation

Bournville - Birmingham

A family living near the conservation area of Bournville in Birmingham took advantage of a government-funded Green Homes Grant to install external wall insulation (EWI) at their 1930s home.

Stephenson Way, London

Stephenson Way, London

When the refurbishment programme for an office block close to London’s Euston station was hit by an unexpected snag, the main contractors found an effective solution to keep the project on track.

Weber UK
Renders and Decorative Finishes

Chapel Gardens, Benwick

Retrofitting with weberwall brick

Weber UK
External Wall Insulation Systems

Almonds Lane, Stevenage

Rebuilding after a fire
Following a fire at a property owned by Stevenage Borough Council, significant damage was caused to its exterior wall.

Prestige Park and Leisure Homes
weberwall brick

Prestige Park and Leisure Homes

Prestige Homeseeker Park and Leisure Homes is the UK’s leading holiday lodge and residential park home manufacturer, with a history spanning five decades and over 10,000 homes located across the ...

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