Weber has a wide portfolio of products designed to facilitate repair and protection of concrete complying with the Highways Agency Specification for Highway Works for highway structures, roads, bridges, parapets, tunnels and viaducts.

Weber also offer a range of materials for the bedding of components in the Highway marketplace, designed for the fast installation of components and long lasting reinstatement.

Solutions for Roads, Bridges and Railways


Weber's range of Technical Mortar Solutions have been designed to minimise road closure possession times and offer durable products with excellent adhesion. The range includes Highways Agency approved products which offer rapid set, high strength solutions.

Premature failures of ironwork installations have shown to be a major factor contributing to the high annual maintenance budget of UK roads. Weber's bedding mortars are formulated for the rapid installation of ironwork, street furniture, curbs and paving. These mortars are designed to cure to high levels of strength and resilience.


Bridges are often found in the most challenging and exposed environments – crossing rivers, over valleys and even seas. Due to the continuous increase in traffic and design load, additional stress and strain are constantly being imposed on them.

Modern bridges are often constructed from reinforced concrete and recent surveys have shown that many existing bridges already exhibit significant degree of degradation and some of them are in need of substantial and often urgent, repair and refurbishment works.  Weber's range of concrete repair and protection products offer rapid set and high strength solutions.


Weber's range of precision grouts have been specially formulated with exceptional toughness and durability, making the product perfect for use in rail track installations. Due to their high compressive and tensile strength the presicison grouts ensure that there is constant contact with the underside of the baseplate of the track.

These high performance products can be used in any situation where accuracy in alignment is essential or where transfer of dynamic or static loads are required. 

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