Tiling onto tongue and groove floorboards and chipboard

It's possible to tile directly onto tongue and groove wooden floors, but the high amounts of deflection/movement will mean that an ultra-flexible (S2) tile adhesive is required.

Alternatively, another option is to strengthen the substrate with either a layer of floor screed or by overboarding with plywood/tile backer board, and then using an improved flexible (S1) tile adhesive.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Determine if you need to increase rigidity of the substrate

    Before tiling on top of floorboards, you will need to determine whether you need to strengthen the substrate dependant on the amount of movement and deflection that exisits. You can do this either by covering with a 10mm layer of weberfloor flex, 6mm tile backer board, or 15mm plywood.

    Use our guide on strengthening a wooden floor for tiling to do this. Strengthening the substrate will decrease the amount of movement associated with timber and non-tongue and groove floorboards and chipboard.

  2. Fix tiles with a suitable flexible tile adhesive

    If you strengthened the substrate with tile backer board, plywood or with a layer of weberfloor flex, you will now need to fix tiles with a 3mm bed of improved flexible tile adhesive (S1) — such as weberset SPF or weberset rapid SPF — and leave joints of at least 3mm wide for grouting and make provisions for movement.

    You will require an ultra-flexible tile adhesive (S2) such as weberset pro lite – rapid if you are either:

    • Tiling directly onto the tongue and groove floorboards or chipboard
    • Fixing tiles above 400mm by 400mm in size
    • Using heavier tiles made of stone, quartz or terrazzo
  3. Finish with grout and silicone

    Leave tile adhesive to set and fill joints with a flexible floor tile grout such as weberjoint premium tile grout which is available in a range of colours and contains PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology.

    Finish the job by sealing the perimeter movement joints with weberjoint silicone sealant.

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