weberjoint silicone

weberjoint silicone — silicone sealant


  • 310ml cartridge

Acetoxy curing coloured silicone sealant that cures to form a tough, flexible, water tight seal – available in a range of 18 colours as well as clear. 

Suitable for:

Wall, Floor

Colours available

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Case studies

Tiled floor with Weber tiling products – Park House, Windlesham
Tile Fixing Products

Park House, Windlesham

Weber has worked in conjunction with Richard Finlay Homes on the prestigious Park House development in Windlesham, Surrey. This unique country house, a true epitome of luxury and style, is nestled in ...

Weber UK
Tile Fixing Products

IAMP - Tyne & Wear

Innovative, Tile Fixing products from Weber were specified throughout for The International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) project, Tyne & Wear, covering an area of 1,600m2.

Weber UK
Tile Fixing Products

The Coach House - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Grade II listed Coach House transformed into luxury homes

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