Innovative, easy-to-use, high performance floor and wall tile adhesives and grouts, sealants and preparatory products for the professional tile fixer. 

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Preparation Products — weberfloor flex

Prep (Preparation Products)

Preparing your work surface before applying tiles is important to ensure an even surface, optimal bond and durability. In this section you will find products for priming, waterproofing and floor levelling prior to the application of tiles.

TF - Fix

Fix (Ready Mix Adhesives)

Ready-mixed tile adhesives are ideal for internal projects for tiling onto walls. Our range includes products with greater resistance to moisture, stronger bonds, and extra flexibility. 

Laying tile

Set (Cement Based Tile Adhesives)

Cement-based powder tile adhesives are our best tile adhesives and are suitable for walls and floors, both internally and externally. Choose between tile cements which are flexible, extra strong, rapid-setting or a mixture of all three.

TF - Joint

Joint (Tile Grouts & Silicones)

Our product range includes mould-resistant tile grouts and silicone sealant in a wide choice of colours

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