Tile fixing products from Weber – Tile adhesive and grout, silicone sealants, along with preparatory products.

Tile Fixing Products

Innovative, easy-to-use, high performance floor and wall tile adhesives and grouts, sealants and preparatory products for the professional tile fixer. 

Our products

Preparation products for tile fixing

Preparation products

Our tiling preparation products ensure that your substrate is level – and watertight for wet areas – before starting your next tiling project to guarantee an optimal bond and long-term durability.

Ready-mixed tile adhesives

Ready-mixed adhesives

Ready-mixed tile adhesives are ideal for internal projects for tiling onto walls and splashbacks. Our range includes products with greater resistance to moisture, stronger bonds, and extra flexibility. 

Cement-based tile adhesives

Cement-based adhesives

Our best tile adhesives are cement based and are suitable for walls and floors, both internal and external. Choose between flexibility, strength, rapid-setting, or a mixture of all three.

Tile grouts & silicone sealants

Tile grouts & sealants

Available in a wide range of colours, our tile grouts and silicone sealants are high performance and mould resistant.

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Earn points with Weber Rewards

Earn points with every bag of selected Weber tile adhesives and grouts – weberset pro lite - rapid gives 325 points and weberjoint premium bags you 200 points.

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Colour-matched grouts & sealants

Our premium tile grout weberjoint premium grout and weberjoint premium silicone sealant are each colour matched in a wide range of colours to compliment your style.

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Low Dust Technology™

Launched in 2009,  Low Dust Technology™ significantly reduces the amount of airborne dust created during the pouring and mixing of our construction mortar products.


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