The sea plays an important part in our lives. Many people live by the coast, and most of the world’s largest cities are in coastal regions. The sea provides us with energy as well as leisure activities, transport routes, and food.

In order to be suitable for use in marine tidal situations, solutions need to be rapid setting and able to resist the ingress of chloride ions at early stages of their strength development, Weber's extensive range of Technical Mortar products are perfect for such installations.


Marine Infrastructure Solutions

In-sea Concrete Structures

In-sea reinforced concrete structures include jetties, piers, lifeboat ramps, slipways and concrete pontoons.  These structures all have to deal with the power of waves and constant degradation within the splash zone, tidal zone and submerged zone.   Common damage found includes the general corrosion of the reinforced concrete structure due to salts ingress and spalling of concrete columns, soffits and beams.

Marine Structural Works

Weber can provide solutions to repair and protect sea defences (such as seawalls, breakwaters and dolosses) and dock and harbour walls and quays.  These areas might find extensive abrasion and damage of concrete due to wave action and general corrosion of reinforced concrete structures due to salts ingress.

Waterside Infrastructure

In and around working coastal regions there are many areas where Weber products can offer a quick and efficient solution such as repair for external paving on quays and berths, manhole renewal, crane rail installations, fitting capstans and barriers.  Trafficked concrete surfaces can experience abrasion and frost damage from being positioned in such exposed locations. 

Maritime Buildings

Maritime buildings such as lighthouses, lifeboat and coastguard stations are all liable to excessive wear and tear from the weather, potentially being subjected to gale force winds and violent waves.  Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures due to salts ingress and spalling of concrete columns, beams, sills and lintels can be resolved from a large selection of Weber products and systems

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