Newhaven Seawall, East Sussex

The high performance webercem spray RS has been used in the vital reparation of the sea wall fortification of the Outer Bight.  

With a twice-daily battering by the tides, this impressive Victorian wall has been subjected to enormous hydraulic power over its 100-year life. Remedial action was undertaken using the rapid sprayed concrete specifically developed by Saint-Gobain Weber for repairs to structures in tidal zones.

webercem spray RS is a dry sprayed concrete able to achieve rapid set, and is ideal for permanent concrete repairs where time constraints, in this case the tides, demand early strength gain. Initial set is achieved in just 15 minutes and in six hours a compressive strength of 10-15N/mm² is achieved. This prevents washout from the next tidal flow. When correctly mixed and applied, a depth of up to 150mm of webercem spray RS can be achieved in a single application.

After the rapid initial curing, compressive strength increases to 30N/mm² in 24hours and up to 40N/mm² in three days and is fully cured after 28 days at 50N/mm² at which time the static modulus of elasticity is 30kN/mm². Tensile strength of 4-6N/mm² is achieved after seven days and the flexural strength of 6-8N/mm². The critical bond strength with concrete substrate of webercem spray RS is >2N/mm².

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