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Concrete repair

Our concrete repair products are suitable across a wide range of projects, application methods, and strength classifications. Hand-placed repair mortars are used for patch repairs, flowing repair mortars are used for large-scale repairs, and spray repair mortars are used to restore the structural integrity and durability of a wide range of structures.

Hand-placed repair

Hand-placed repair mortars are used in patch repairs and available in several grades of strength. These products are polymer-modified to give additional impermeability and a degree of flexibility, and can be used to level and protect concrete.

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Flowing repair

Large scale concrete repairs, which often have congested reinforcement configurations, require high performance recasting concretes. Our webercem advanced concrete repair products can be gravity fed or pumped to repair various structures such as bridges, concrete beams, coastal structures, and more.

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Spray repair

Spray concretes will restore the structural integrity, durability, appearance and fitness for purpose of a wide range of structures. Our spray repair concretes have rapid strength, give high resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbon dioxide, low permeability to water, and provide excellent protection.

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Specialist repair & ancillary products

Our specialist concrete repair products are suitable for the repair of cracks up to 8mm in width, remedying debonded or hollow repairs, and for making repairs to decks and pavements.

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Concrete repair system

Contains products for priming, high-build repair, levelling treatments and high-performance coatings specially formulated to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1504 parts 2 and 3 for protective coatings and concrete repair mortars

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