When it comes to renovating older properties, our innovative solutions are designed for simple application and longevity. Our façade systems can be applied onto masonry substrates to rejuvenate the appearance of a tired-looking home, or external wall insulation system can also improve thermal efficiency for years to come. With many solutions to choose from, Weber is the standard for home refurbishment solutions.

Our solutions

1. Façade solutions for masonry

Our weberpral monocouche systems are one coat, through-coloured render systems which are perfect for fast application onto masonry substrates such as blockwork, and benefit from reduced costs associated with labour and scaffolding.

Shown above is the weberpral monocouche scraped system which is finished with a low maintenance scraped texture. This system is also available with a more traditional roughcast finish with the weberpral monocouche roughcast system.

These systems are available in a range of popular colours, have an A1 reaction to fire classification, and are  BBA and NSAI approved.

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2-3. External wall insulation solutions for masonry

Adding external wall insulation system to a property with solid wall construction is one of the most effective ways to retain heat in a building and improve thermal efficiency. Not only that, but external wall insulation completely rejuvenates the appearance of the building, improving aesthetics and market value.

Pictured above is a combination of two finishes – brick-effect and render – from two systems: webertherm XM silicone system (MFD) and webertherm XM brick system (MFD) to create a unique and personalised style.

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4. Render cleaning solution

When it comes to building façades, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear can cause a build-up of algae and dirt which need to be cleaned off from time to time.

weber CL150 is a water-based render and brick cleaner containing carefully selected biocides which can be used as an algae treatment and is also effective against a broad range of bacterial, fungal, yeast and mould species.

Applied easily by spray and brush, weber CL150 gets to work quickly and kills green, black and other organic growths.

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5. Internal brick wall solution

The weberwall brick internal system is ideal for use as a feature wall when applied onto existing plaster or plasterboard. Made using our innovative lightweight weberwall brick finish, the substrate can freely breathe beneath its surface and the final finish is formulated with 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers. 

Providing an authentic brick finish, this system is available in a range of 12 popular brick styles and 3 colours of brick pointing mortar.

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6. Flooring solutions

Our weberfloor flooring solutions cover a range of scenarios for home refurbishment projects and are each designed for optimum speed, durability, strength and smoothness.

The weberfloor substrate repair system uses high quality patch repair mortars to make any remedial works to damaged flooring substrates prior to the application of weberfloor flooring solutions.

The full weberfloor range of solutions spans across various flooring types and project requirements including bonded and unbonded, timber substrate, underfloor heating for both electric and water systems, and noise reduction solutions.

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7. Tile fixing solutions

When refurbishing a bathroom or kitchen area, high quality tile fixing products are essential when achieving a superior finish:

weberfloor flex is used to level floors and encapsulate underfloor heating pipes prior to the application of tiles,

webersys protect tanking kit is a waterproofing membrane used to protect water-sensitive substrates in areas such as showers and baths.

weberset SPF is an S1 flexible tile adhesive which allows for some movement without cracking.

weberjoint premium grout is a wall and floor tile grout available in 15 popular colours and comes with PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology.

weberjoint premium silicone is the perfect match for our premium tile grout and is colour-matched for the perfect final look.

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8. Lintel & concrete balcony repair solutions

Damaged lintels and balconies can be repaired using our innovative SMARTmortar, webercem R4 duo, an R4-classified hand-placed mortar which can also be used as an R3-classified fairing coat when mixed with a different water dosage.

webercem R4 duo can be used for highbuild repairs to depths of up to 75mm vertically and in overhead repair without formwork when used as an R4 mortar. It is also easy to apply and has excellent application properties.

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Home Refurbishment Solutions: Driveway repairs

9. Driveway repair solutions

Concrete driveways are susceptible to damage over time and will need remedial works to resume normal use. Depending on the size of the repair, different solutions are required:

  • Small patch repairs of up to 2m² and 25-100m in depth require webercem pyrapatch, a polymer-modified repair mortar which benefits from a rapid drying time which allows driveways to be used again within 3 hours. The product can be used in temperatures as low as 5°C and has a working time of 15-20 minutes.
  • Larger repairs of up to 15m² and 25-75mm in depth require webercem pyratop, a two-part hydraulic cement-based repair concrete which can take traffic after 6 hours. The product can be used in temperatures as low as 5°C and has a working time of 25-30 minutes.

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