Whether you're planning to let, sell, or stay, revamping your home can be a great investment.  Go green and improve the thermal efficiency of your home or enhance the property's kerb appeal by improving the aesthetics of the facade.  We can offer a variety of ways to improve your home and it's value.

Solutions for Home Refurbishment


Extend the life of existing buildings by keeping the old structure warm and stable using External Wall Insulation, a combination of thermal, aesthetic and structural elements to protect and decorate your home.  Our range of renders and decorative finishes are also available if you choose to rejuvenate your home with high quality durable weather resistant finishes. Our Technical Mortar solutions are also available to repair damage to concrete elements within your home before decoration.


Once you've chosen your tiles, it's time to fix them in place using the correct adhesives and grouts. We have an wide selection of tile adhesive to choose from; suitable for every tile and surface type - whether you're tiling a wall or floor. We also have a fantastic choice of tile grout; choose from many colours to find one that matches your style.  If you are fitting a wetroom it is critical to ensure it is sealed and waterproofed, our tanking kit will offer a watertight seal for walls and floors.


Cook up a new look in your kitchen by introducing some new tiles.  Create an eye-catching splashback or add a spectacular wood or stone effect floor.  To assist your project we can make sure that the correct adhesive and grout is chosen to finish the job whether you are tiling a wall or floor.


Our range of floor screeds and levellers offer you a quick and easy solution to improve uneven or damaged floors, protect underfloor heating elements and prepare your floor ready for covering.  We can offer pre-installation primers and levelling compounds, right through to tile adhesives and anti-mould grout.

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