weberset SPF

weberset SPF — flexible tile adhesive for walls and floors


  • 20kg

Improved flexible tile adhesive for walls and floors. Our best adhesive for wooden and heated floors when a standard setting time is required. Suitable for interior and exterior projects.

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Suitable for:

Wall, Floor

weberset SPF is a flexible, improved cementitious adhesive with additional characteristics, reduced slip and extended open time for internal and external use. 

It is suitable for fixing all types of ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaics, marble, terrazzo, natural stone, brick slips and glass blocks in areas that will be dry or wet. It is particularly suited for situations where some movement, deflection or limited shrinkage is likely. weberset SPF can be used with:

  • Walls and floors
  • Interior and exterior situations
  • Underfloor heating
  • Undertile warming
  • Overboarded wooden floors
  • Low porosity tiles or substrates
  • Power-floated screeds
  • Tiling onto existing tiles

Meets the certification of BS EN 12004 for C2TE-S1.

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Case studies

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Attractive Render Refurbishment, Newport

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Hodgson Mazda, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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IAMP - Tyne & Wear

Innovative, Tile Fixing products from Weber were specified throughout for The International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) project, Tyne & Wear, covering an area of 1,600m2.

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