Numerous research studies around the world have demonstrated the health and wellbeing benefits from optimally designed buildings.  Investing in more healthy and comfortable buildings is becoming increasingly recognised as a wise investment, as it can directly improve productivity and reduce medical costs.  The Weber range of products can help to improve the thermal, aesthetic and acoustic comforts within schools, universities, hospitals and care homes.

Healthcare & Education Solutions


With many existing schools in need of an overhaul as well as new schools being built, there could not be a better time to look more closely at how school design can help deliver better value and better results.

A classroom needs to be a place that’s not too hot or too cold to enhance student's comfort, wellbeing and concentration. EWI ensures the building will remain cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, whilst some solutions will also improve acoustic comfort by reducing noise which can have a negative impact on communication and learning.


Not only is it important to ensure that teaching spaces within Universities are comfortable and encourage learning, it is important to take into consideration the living spaces within student accommodation.

Weber products can support the design process to ensure buildings are warm, quiet, cost effective to run and low maintenance. Multiple occupancy buildings can benefit from easy to clean bathroom and kitchen tile grout, thermally efficient facades which reduce CO2 emissions and energy bills, and solid, smooth floors with sound proofing incorporated to improve the acoustics within the room. 

Hospitals & Care Homes

The design of healthcare buildings is governed by many regulations and technical requirements.  Providing environments that offer better thermal comfort has been proven to improve patient wellbeing. Building design can therefore contribute to getting people better quicker, which saves money. 

Building new energy efficient hospitals, as well as improving our current ones can improve the user’s wellbeing and could contribute to realising some significant running savings.

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