Under-strength floor slabs

Deflections in reinforced concrete floor slabs and balconies are caused by bending of the floor slabs due to both dead weight and imposed live loads. The creation of new access points can cause further problems of stability which will need to be addressed.

When an existing building is undergoing a change of use and the floor cannot take the extra loading, webertec force composite strengthening system can be designed and used to provide extra load capacity.

Common issues and queries you can face


Deflections due to loading

When additional dead or imposed load is added to the floor slabs, then excessive deflections can cause structural cracks to appear and unevenness of the floor. This can cause problems to internal finishes and raised-access floor systems.


Problems due to changes of use in a building

Changes of use in a building can result in new openings being required through the floor slab for access or equipment. The floor slab needs to be strengthened before openings are cut through the slab.

Use external bonded reinforcement

Install externally-bonded carbon fibre plates to strengthen the floor slab and reduce the deflection due to loads.

1. Flexural strength carbon fibre plate bonding

Glue carbon fibre plates to strengthen the floor slab and stiffen the slab against deflection. Use webertec force carbon plate:

  • 150 grade low modulus
  • 200 grade high modulus

2. Openings: Carbon fibre plate bonding

Use webertec force carbon plate:

  • 150 grade low modulus
  • 200 grade high modulus

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