JCoSS School - New Barnet

webertherm XM EWI system was chosen for this beautiful new school due to its ability to balance modern aesthetic design and highly efficient thermal insulation. 

The high performance webertherm XM EWI system will achieve exceptionally low U-values, as low as 0.15W/m2K, and will contribute to reduced energy consumption and costs while reducing CO2 emissions. The system specified used 140mm of high density mineral fibre insulation which was mechanically fixed to the blockwork substrate providing excellent resistance to fire and high levels of sound proofing which is essential in a learning environment. weberplast TF a textured acrylic based decorative finish was supplied pre-mixed and factory batched in a range of colours to create the palette used across the school. weberplast TF has excellent all-round weather performance and offers a durable and resilient textured finish. The combination of high thermal efficiency and imaginative colourful design has created a brighter, more comfortable learning environment for tomorrow's generation.

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