weberfloor substrate repair system

weberfloor substrate repair system

Concrete and crack repair system for repairing substrates prior to the application of a weberfloor screed or smoothing compound.

weberfloor substrate repair system
Crack repair

DE NEEF® Denepox 40 by GCP can be used to carry small crack repairs.

Small patch repair

webercem pyrapatch

Fast-setting repair concrete for pavement patch or full-depth repairs. webercem pyrapatch is a pre-packed product based on hydraulic cements with specially graded non-reactive aggregates. The product is polymer-modified which, when mixed with clean water, produces a fast setting repair concrete, suitable for patch or full-depth repairs up to 2m². Typical patch repairs up to 100mm depth and extended with aggregate for full depth repairs. Conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem pyrapatch meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product. 

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Large patch repair

webercem pyratop

Rapid strength-gain repair concrete for thin bonded pavement repairs. webercem pyratop is a two-part hydraulic cement based repair concrete consisting of a bag of the product and a smaller bag of special aggregate. When mixed together with the addition of water, it produces a rapid setting concrete with high early strength suitable for thin-bonded toppings or full-depth repairs up to 15m². It is dimensionally stable and has excellent abrasion resistance due to the use of hard granite aggregate.

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