weberwall brick internal system

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weberwall brick internal system


A fast fix, lightweight internal brick system which is formulated with 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers. Water resistant and allows the substrate to freely breathe beneath its surface.

Colours available

  • Antique Red brick with Cotswold pointing mortar
  • Classic Red brick with Cotswold pointing mortar
  • Rural Red brick with Cotswold pointing mortar
  • Sanded Red Mix brick with Cotswold pointing
  • Reclaimed Buff brick with Cotswold pointing mortar
  • Sanded Black brick with Grey pointing mortar
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System Build-Up

weberwall brick internal system
Suitably prepared substrate

The substrate should be suitably prepared / primed before application.

Substrates include: plasterboard, gypsum plaster, cement render or masonry. 

For more information on substrates suitable for application, please contact our Technical Team:

Our Technical Team is available 8:30am until 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

weberwall brick internal adhesive

weberwall brick internal adhesive

Rapid setting cement-based adhesive for fixing weberwall brick to most internal substrates

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weberwall brick

weberwall brick

AVAILABLE NOW A fast fix, lightweight brick system which is suitable for internal and external use. Formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers, this brick system is weather resistant and flexible whilst allowing existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface.

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weberwall brick pointing mortar

weberwall brick pointing mortar

Coloured pointing mortar for use internally and externally as part of the weberwall brick system.

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About this product

weberwall brick can be used to create a realistic brick finish across a range of different applications and substrates with significant reductions in weight and application costs.

weberwall brick can be used on various substrates including:

  • Brick and blockwork
  • All types of concrete surfaces
  • Sound and suitably prepared internal plaster and plasterboard

Features and benefits

  • Fast fix – over 3x faster than traditional brick slips
  • Reduces specialist labour required on site
  • Lightweight – 1 sheet of 20 bricks equal to the weight of 1 house brick
  • Range of 12 colours and textures available
  • Breathable – allows the substrate to breathe
  • 10 Year Guarantee 

Things to consider

  • Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C.
  • Do not use within 300mm of an open flame or heat source.

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