Installing precast kerbs or drainage units

Precast kerbs can be glued together with a special structural adhesive available from Weber. Also intended for the highway maintenance crew’s armoury are ultra quick bedding mortars that can be mixed and applied to minimise traffic disruption.

Common issues and queries you can face

Precast kerbs

Precast kerbs

Precast kerb units can be damaged, dislodged or broken by vehicle traffic. Often, kerb units are dislodged by vehicles striking the kerb units.

Drainage units

Drainage units

Heavy-duty kerb units and drainage units can be dislodged by accidental wheel loading. The existing sand/cement bedding can break up under traffic loading, resulting in settlement. Often, the bed thickness is limited on bridge decks and conventional sand/cement mortar is unsuitable.

Use appropriate mortars to comply with HA guidance

Use resin-based bedding mortars for reinstatement of heavy-duty drainage units to comply with Highways Agency guidance. For precast kerbs, use a shrinkage-compensated, rapid-setting, cement-based bedding mortar to comply with HD27/94.

Solution for precast kerbs

For precast kerbs, use webercem pyrabed bedding mortar.

Solution for drainage units

Heavy-duty drainage units to be bedded on rapid-setting heavy-duty webertec bedding mortar

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