What is the difference between monocouche render and silicone render systems?

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Silicone render systems are sometimes mistaken for monocouche renders due to the similar through-colour properties, but they are two very different products. Silicone render finishes are often used on timber and steel frame construction when a little flexibility is required whilst monocouche is commonly used on new buildings constructed of block. Lets take a closer look...

What are silicone renders?

Silicone renders are decorative top coats that are highly weather resistant. They have excellent water shedding abilities, creating a water beading effect on the surface which helps to maintain a clean surface making them suitable for all areas of exposure, therefore ideal for houses and buildings located on hillsides and coastal areas. They're UV resistant and are available in a wide range of colours.



Silicone render forms part of a system build up and cannot be used alone. It's applied onto a base coat render such as weberend LAC, weberend LAC rapid or weberend OCR in a thin coat by hand using a trowel or sprayed using a spray gun.

Silicone render systems

Take a look at our silicone render systems.

What are monocouche renders?

Weber monocouche creates a coloured render finish suitable for most types of brick or blockwork. On a formulation level, the type of cement used in monocouche renders allows for pigmentation to be added which is what gives it a through-coloured appearance and means there’s no need to paint it.

Where it all started...

We brought monocouche render to the UK & Ireland from France way back in 1992. It ended up being so popular that our headquarters and factory in Flitwick was built just three years later in 1995 to keep up with demand.

Find out more about The Original Monocouche 


Consisting of just a single coat, applied in two passes & finished to a thickness of 15-25mm, this cement render saves time and resources compared to a traditional multi-coat system. It can be applied by hand or pumped with a machine and can be used to create a scraped or roughcast render finish.

Monocouche render systems

Take a look at our monocouche render systems.


Monocouche render & silicone render projects

Take a closer look at some projects that have used monocouche render and silicone render here.

Our silicone render finishes

webersil P

Solvent-free, water-based silicone paint (also known as a silicone resin emulsion paint) for application onto masonry substrates and render. Available in a wide range of over 100 colours.

View webersil P product page →

webersil TF

Textured silicone render finish for use as a highly weather resistant decorative coating. Available in a wide range of over 100 colours.

View webersil TF product page →

Our monocouche renders

weberpral M

The original and the best monocouche! Our through-coloured one coat render is applied in two passes. Available in a range of 24 colours.

weberpral M is available in England, Scotland & Wales.

View weberpral M product page →

weberpral D

Our same great monocouche for our Irish customers. This through-coloured render is available in a range of 12 colours.

weberpral D is available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

View weberpral D product page →

weberpral MF

Achieve an even smoother scraped finish thanks to smaller aggregates in weberpral MF. Available in a range of 4 popular colours.

weberpral MF is available in England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Ireland.

View weberpral MF product page →

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