Training Academy

Training Academy

Weber appreciates the importance of training and aims to bridge the skills divide by working closely with applicators. We offer specialist training aligned to industry requirements, available through dedicated training facilities in Flitwick and a national network of Technical Academies.

The Saint-Gobain Technical Academies have been designed to help combat the industry’s skills shortage and provide training on new technologies and systems, as well as up-to-date information around legislation.

Course options


Find out how you can rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with our facade courses in External Wall Insulation, Monocouche Renders, and Modern Render Systems.

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Tile Fixing

Our tile fixing courses are suitable for all skill levels, options include product training for retail staff, waterproofing and tanking, using levelling compounds, and more. Bespoke courses can also be requested.

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Learn how to get more done in less time with our range of flooring systems, developed for optimum speed of application and strength and durability in demanding industrial and commercial settings.

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Technical Mortars

Adapted to suit Weber stockists and distributors, the Technical Mortars course is an intense day course covering concrete repair products, grouting, anchoring, pavement repair and bedding mortars.

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Course dates

  • 4th October – Modern Renders - FULLY BOOKED
  • 6th October – Monocouche Renders
  • 13th October – Monocouche Renders - FULLY BOOKED
  • 18th October – External Wall Insulation Systems - FULLY BOOKED
  • 20th October – weberwall brick
  • 1st November – External Wall Insulation Systems
  • 3rd November – Flooring Systems
  • 8th November – Monocouche Renders
  • 17th November – weberwall brick
  • 22nd November – External Wall Insulation Systems
  • 24th November – Monocouche Renders
  • 29th November – Flooring Systems
  • 1st December – Modern Rendering
  • 6th December – External Wall Insulation Systems
  • 8th December – Monocouche Renders
  • 13th December – Flooring Systems

About the Academy

The Saint-Gobain Academy at Flitwick is a multi-purpose centre developed to feature innovation and includes product demonstration areas, practical workshops and lecture rooms. Courses can be designed to meet product-specific requirements, or to suit different levels of experience and skills. Many one-day courses follow predetermined content and are available on scheduled dates throughout the year.

Courses are adapted to meet the requirements of applicators, engineers, architects, stockists or distributors. Attendees will have use of conference/classroom facilities and purpose designed practical areas in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Lunch and light refreshments are provided throughout the duration of the course.


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