Introducing new Technical Mortars CPD's

Designed especially for architects, civil and structural engineers, Saint-Gobain Weber offers new technical CPDs that provide integrated solutions for a broad portfolio of construction projects.

Spray concrete nozzleman

From building renovation and refurbishment, to new build developments and major civil engineering projects, Weber provides problem-solving solutions in the technical mortars market.

Weber’s Concrete Repair & Protection CPD provides comprehensive and informative content from the different types of concrete defects to technical standards, including BS EN 1504. Remedial work using flowing concrete, sprayed concrete and hand placed mortars, as well as cathodic protection, are all considered together with the products, materials and systems that are required to solve a range of concrete defects. This includes hand placed materials for non-structural repairs and flowable, or sprayed, solutions for mass structural replacement where consistency, strength, speed of application and quality is paramount.

The new Structural Strengthening CPD covers the introduction of epoxy resins, fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) and design considerations. This content is supported with application advice, good site practice, case studies, and current industry standards.

Efficient application and ease of use is essential in critical situations where concrete structures require strengthening or upgrading. Products used in structural strengthening include fibrous materials such as glass and aramid fibre sheets, carbon fibre sheets and plates. High strength, epoxy resin adhesives are used to structurally adhere webertec force composite sheets and plates by transferring loads into the fibre composite to increase structural capacity.

A new seminar on precision grouts can also be delivered to suit specific requirements and applications. There is extensive use of precision grouts within the civil engineering market, in which these high performance products can be used in any situation where accuracy in alignment is essential, or where transfer of dynamic or static loads is required. This presentation covers the uses, selection and installation methods while case studies are also reviewed including some familiar iconic structures which have benefited from precise alignment and uniform support that precision grouts can offer. 

All CPD seminars of approximately one hour can be delivered at your premises, or at a Saint-Gobain facility or Technical Academy, anywhere in the UK.  Bookings can be made via

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