Old skool render finishes which stand the test of time

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You may have heard about ‘tyrolean’ and ‘travertine’ finishes but not actually completed a job with these styles of render in years!

These decorative render finishes inspired by building design in the Tyrol region have benefits above and beyond other styles which are considered more modern.

Whether you have to match an existing wall, or are looking to create something different, let’s revisit travertine and tyrolean render finishes for those who may not have considered them for a while…

Tyrolean textured finish

It has an open honeycomb texture and can sometimes be referred to as a ‘fine’ rough cast. 

It is a decorative render finish which can be applied to a new or existing base coat render. Applied using an open-hopper spraying machine, a compressor-powered render gun, or manually using a Tyrolean flicker gun.

Tyrolean is known for being very efficient in weather-proofing exterior walls.  It is extremely durable and hard wearing due to its rich cement content creating strength.  It includes a 3:1 sand / cement ratio – which if applied as a smooth finish would shatter or craze, but the application process makes for a really robust surface.

If you didn’t want a completely uneven texture, but wanted the extra protection that the Tyrolean finish can offer it can be rubbed with a carborundum stone to create a smoother flat outer surface whilst leaving it uniformly pitted.

Ideal for refurbishment projects, it can mask discrepancies in the render surface to create a uniform finish or just revitalise walls and create a positive weather defence in problem areas. It is suitable for all environments particularly extreme exposures or scenarios requiring a hard wearing surface.

cullamix tyrolean colours and texture

weber cullamix tyrolean is through-coloured, available in six key colours, so painting is not required!

Travertine textured finish

It is the marble aggregates contained in the render that provides the decorative continental finish.  It is applied and finished by hand using traditional tools and a plastic or wooden float.

The travertine texture is created when the larger round aggregate in the mix is trapped between the float and the substrate and dragged to create the characteristic textured surface replicating the appearance of soft travertine stone being cut with grooves.

Traditionally pure white in colour, the features can be created most commonly in a horizontal direction, but can be vertical, criss-cross or by moving the aggregate randomly to create a circular texture

Most commonly found on homes in the South West / East Anglia region. weber alpine finish is available in white, although can be painted if colour is required.

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