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When you’re on-site, it’s always about getting the job finished as soon as possible and moving on to the next project – time is money after all!  With so many of our products developed for fast installation and rapid curing, why occasionally, do we need to slow things down?

Using a retarder in monocouche render helps the applicator to stay in control of the set time and allows freedom to get things right!

Why slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up…

Summer working

To achieve a same-day scrape in warm weather a retarder can slow down the scrape time, which means that rendering can still be completed at the set time of 20°C when it is up to 30°C outside

Optimum scrape time

If your schedule for the day just hasn’t gone to plan and you’re still spraying early evening or the temperature has dropped unexpectedly, the addition of a retarder will ensure you don’t miss the optimum scrape time in the middle of the night and extend the cure until the morning.

Design work

For complex jobs where lots of ashlars are required, the use of a retarder allows you time to measure and draw out the design without the fear of the render setting too quickly allowing for a quality job.


The use of a retarder when you are roughcasting will help to maintain a wet edge and prevent a dry working line when applying the thin spray texture over the top.


When the elevation you are rendering is over several floors, slowing things down will allow more time to drop the scaffolding without leaving dry edges.

Application by hand

Hand application takes longer so using a retarder gives you the time to finish the work without the render setting too quickly before scratching.

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weber monocouche retarder

  • Provides scrape time flexibility and extends scrape time
  • Directly replaces a proportion of the monocouche gauging water
  • Colourless liquid – has no effect on the appearance of the finished product

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