Keep cool this summer with our top tips for hot weather working

Rendering in hot weather

Sunshine and warm weather can put us all in a better mood, but how does it affect us when we’re working?

In the UK we often think of weather issues as being something at the other end of the spectrum – too cold, too wet or too windy to work – rarely do we ever highlight the fact that it's too sunny! It’s important to keep an eye on temperatures when working outdoors as keeping yourself and your materials cool is essential on any project.

Hot weather in particular can cause cementitious materials to go off much quicker than usual. Render that stiffens too quickly can become weakened, as the cement has not given time to hydrate fully and reach its full strength. For Weber renders, application should not be carried out at temperatures above 30°C, and it’s important to check the temperature of the substrate before applying – not just the air temperature as retained heat will affect freshly applied mortar.

If the substrate needs cooling, this can be done by giving it an even mist of clean water. Be careful to avoid saturating the substrate, as this can lead to cracking, and a poor bond of the render to the blockwork.

If rendering in the heat, application should always be carried out in the shade, making sure you follow the sun around the building. In hot, breezy and rapid drying conditions, it may be necessary to actively cure the render by misting it twice daily for three days after application.

It’s not just materials that need extra attention when it’s warm. It’s important to take care of yourself and your crew when working in hot conditions. Here are our top tips for keeping cool on site:


  • Keep hydrated when hot weather working with Weber products

    1. Stay hydrated

    In hot weather it’s particularly important to stay hydrated. Consider bringing a fridge on site for the duration of the heatwave and keep it stocked with water. Physically intensive work (like what you’ll be doing on site) in heat will cause you to sweat more than usual, so make sure you’re drinking lots of fluids. It’s best to drink small amounts often so as not to become dehydrated.

  • Keep away from caffeine when hot weather working with Weber products

    2. Stay away from caffeine

    As much as we all love our morning coffee, caffeine can be dehydrating, and is best avoided in high temperatures. If you really can’t do without a cup, keep it to a minimum, and make sure you’re drinking enough water to compensate.

  • Create a cross breeze when hot weather working with Weber products

    3. Cross breeze

    If you’re working inside you might be thankful to be out of the direct sunlight, but you could be missing out on the breeze too. Depending on the trades that are working on site, keep doors and windows at opposite sides of the building open to create a nice cross breeze.

  • Don't strip off when hot weather working with Weber products

    4. Don't strip off

    While you may be tempted to go for the bare-chested look under your high-vis, it actually won’t make much of a difference in cooling yourself down, and will leave you open to sunburn. Instead go for a loose, light-coloured cotton t-shirt.

  • Keep out of the sun when hot weather working with Weber products

    5. Keep out of the sun

    Where you can, keep to the shade. Take lots of breaks, and make sure people are rotating in and out of the sun. 

The most important thing is to keep yourself cool when working in hot conditions. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy at all, take a break, find some shade, and drink some water.

Keep it cool

At Weber, we care about people and their working environment. What are your best tips for hot weather working? Tweet us @SGWeberUK!

And remember, always make sure to check the product datasheet before using Weber products in high temperatures. If you have any queries or questions, get in contact with our technical team or check out our 'Hot weather working' technical advice bulletin here

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