8 flooring finishes to use in your home

Dark hardwood floor

The possibilities for flooring your home or office are virtually endless. There are loads of creative ways to use different materials to form styles and patterns.

Here are 8 finishes to inspire your flooring choices:

1. Polished concrete

One of the latest innovative trends in flooring is polished concrete. It’s basically a coloured cement-based floor screed that comes with a high shine finish. It’s very easy to clean, extremely robust, and a winner when it comes to design. With polished concrete you can create a truly stunning visual effect and as it’s available in different colours, so there’s room to get creative!

2. Hardwood

Hardwood continues to be a popular choice for flooring, with some of the most common forms being oak, maple, birch or hickory. They’re one of the oldest and also one of the most popular flooring types. High quality hardwoods can create a luxurious feel and can bring elegance to any space. They’re also extremely durable and easy to clean, and can be sanded and refinished after a bit of wear and tear.

3. Laminate

Laminates are more sophisticated now than ever before. Most laminates tend to mimic wood or stone, and today it’s almost impossible to tell the difference visually, although they are a much more affordable option. They require little maintenance, are highly resistant to scratches and are available in many colours and designs.

4. Ceramic/Porcelain

Tiles have been a clear flooring favourite around the world for hundreds of years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re durable, easy to clean, and are suitable for a wide variety of situations. You could go for a simple, elegant design in your hallway, a bright splash of colour in kitchen, or get creative with your patterns in the bathroom.

5. Carpet

Carpets may not be the most eye catching floor type, but they certainly create comfort and warmth all throughout your home. Especially in the freezing winter months you’ll be thankful for having a soft carpet under your feet. They also act as great noise insulation, and are available in an almost unlimited amount of colours and designs.

6. Stone

Stone flooring will create a real “wow” factor in your house if you get it right. Marble and granite are the most common choices, but limestone and slate are getting more popular lately. Stone flooring doesn’t come cheap but can be a great choice as it’s very durable.

7. Vinyl

Similar to laminate, vinyl is a cost-effective flooring solution. Vinyl is on the up, and luxury varieties are now available. As it’s an extremely water resistant material, it’s an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s available in an endless array of patterns and designs, so let your creativity run wild with this one!

8. Cork

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly flooring solution. It’s fire resistant, durable, and won’t show scratches as easily as a hardwood floor. It is however an expensive option, and cork floors require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them waterproofed and stain free.

Floor it!

No matter what flooring finish you choose, there is always room to get creative with your design. Whatever space you’re designing, whether it be a home, office or commercial space, you’ve got loads of great choices when it comes to floors.

Weber offers a range of flooring screeds, and have the perfect solution for your residential, commercial or industrial flooring needs. To find out which flooring screed in suitable to be covered in your chosen finish, get in touch with us!

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