8 things to consider when designing a facade

Attractive rendered property – Clevedon, Horizon

The facade of any home or building is an important feature, and finishes should be chosen carefully. A facade needs to be practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. At Weber, when we think of facades, we tend to think of external wall insulation solutions, renders, and decorative finishes, but a facade is more than just a finish – it’s the whole package of how a home or building looks. Modern technology and building materials, together with a bit of imagination, can result in beautiful and original construction project.

Here you’ll find some ideas and inspiration for your next project.

1. Simplicity and symmetry

Symmetry and simplicity are the fundamentals that architects and designers continue to use because it makes for buildings which are pleasing to the eye. If asymmetry is more your style, consider using simple, clean lines to avoid complicating the design.

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2. Uniformity

Clashing styles is risky and can end up being distracting. Complementary themes and uniform styling is a safer bet which will still allow you to explore your creativity.

3. Use the surroundings

Take note of the setting and the surrounding architecture. What style will look best against the backdrop? Don’t be afraid to go bold and deviate from the norm.

4. Environment

Consider what type of environment you’re working with. A building surrounded by trees will have a completely different feel to the same building with no greenery. Consider incorporating plants and trees into your design.

5. Materials

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there’s so many different types of materials on offer to finish a home or building. Should you go for stone, brick or render? The material should be durable enough for the weather, whilst achieving the style you’re aiming for. Will you blend in with the surrounding architecture or go for a contrast?   

6. Color & paint

Something as simple as a paint colour can have a huge effect on how a home looks. It’s important to take into account the architecture; some homes may look great finished in a bold colour and others not so much.

7. Garden and landscaping

Think of a garden as a partner to the home. A dark green garden full of dense trees may go well with darker colours, while a bright green garden will pop against a white facade. For a real impact, ditch trees altogether and keep the focus on the house itself.

8. Roofing

Weather and safety have a big impact on roofing choices, but there’s still room to play around with the design. With materials such as clay, slate, and aluminium, there are endless style possibilities. You could even consider a green roof!

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