Our pledge to sustainability

Brand Mission

Our commitment as a group to carbon neutrality by 2050 is rooted in a long history of reducing our environmental impact. It is inseparable from our ambition to provide customers with solutions to help them decarbonize as well and to reduce their own environmental footprint. Our net zero carbon ambition is also a very concrete manifestation of our brand mission.

Target pillars

Saint-Gobain Weber's sustainability pledge is driven by three target pillars which aim to enhance people's health and wellbeing whilst reducing the impacts on the natural environment, underpinned by communication to embed a sustainability culture throughout the business.

Net Zero Carbon Assembly

The Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland Net Zero Carbon Assembly is formed by a panel of 40+ colleagues across the business to discover, learn and share views on our journey to Net Zero Carbon 2050, including four Sustainability Champions representing Saint-Gobain Weber.

Sustainability Champions

Our Sustainability Champions promote and communicate sustainability at Saint-Gobain Weber. They are a conduit between Saint-Gobain brands who collect ideas and questions then feedback to the Saint-Gobain Net Zero Carbon Assembly. Our Champions recently launched the BIG LITTLE MOVES ideation scheme.

Big Little Moves

The BIG LITTLE MOVES ideation scheme involves simple gestures to encourage us to individually reduce our impact on the environment. It's a platform to share any small actions that anyone may have taken at work or at home to make our working spaces more sustainable places that are conducive to wellbeing and is managed by our Sustainability Champions.

Find out more about BIG LITTLE MOVES and some of the small things you can do to make a difference here.

We care about building better for people and the planet

We are committed to making the world a better home, and caring for people and the planet by reducing the environmental impact of our products. Find out more about sustainability at Weber here.

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