10 Christmas gift ideas for the builder in your life

10 Christmas gift ideas for the builder in your life

Struggling to find a Christmas present for the builder in your life? We’ve compiled a quick list of a few things we think would make great gifts whatever your budget.

Gifts from £5 to £10

Band of Builders are a fantastic organisation dedicated to helping people.

Band of Builders Tape Measure – £7

Why not get a tape measure that does some good?


Magnetic Wristband - £8.99

A handy little gadget that the builder in your life might not even know they need and less than £10!

Gifts from £10 to £20

There’s a good chance the builder in your life loves scruffs – and we can’t blame them!

Winter Accessories Box – £13.96

This set includes a hat, scarf and gloves, and is perfect for getting them through those cold winter jobs. This one makes a great secret Santa gift at less than £15.

Socks – £14.95 (for 3 pairs)

The old reliable. Who doesn’t love getting socks for Christmas?! 

Shock Impact Gloves - £16.95

These multi-purpose gloves are a great choice. They not only protect against impact and vibrations but are also touchscreen friendly allowing work on smart devices.

Gifts from £20 to £50

Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug - £24.99

Keeps your drink hot for 5 hours, comes in a variety of colours with a Drinklock sealing lid and even has a built-in tea hook. Perfect for commuters and anyone working on a cold site.

Heated Waistcoat Jacket – £49.99

A USB heated waistcoat will keep them toasty warm in the frost or snow and we’re sure they’ll love you for it!

£50 and over

Cordless Coffee Maker - £60.95

Coffee on the go? This fantastic cordless coffee maker from Makita would make a great gift for coffee lovers.

Bluetooth Job Site Radio - £109.95

Music for motivation… This Bluetooth radio will provide background music and help the builder in your life power through the day!

'Tis the season

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