9 ways to enjoy the winter in your warm home

Feet up in front of the fire – enjoy the winter in your warm home

Thanks to advanced insulation, we can now protect ourselves and our homes against the cold outside in a way that is both sustainable as well as cost-efficient. With thermal comfort taken care of, what can you do to get through those long, dark months?

Whether you appreciate winter for what it is or would rather avoid the season altogether, there are ways to make it more enjoyable. At Weber, we believe that what matters most is caring about people and their environment. We have compiled 9 top tips to show you how to get through the cold season in the comfort of your warm home.

1. Get together with friends and family 👨👩🥂

You can find warmth, comfort, and peace of mind in the presence of others. When the weather is grim outside, fill your home with people. Whether it’s a movie marathon or a night of board games, spend lots of quality time with friends and family.

2. Eat well 🍎🥘

Winter is comfort food season, but it’s easy to overdo it. Balance your diet and eat healthy, satisfying food to warm you from within. Hearty winter meals such as soups and stews are perfect for this time of year.

3. Get comfortable 💆‍️🛋

A home should be cosy and inviting – a proper escape from the outside world. Thanks to proper insulation, you can turn on your heating without wasting energy. A warm, well-lit home is a must at this time of year, as darkness can make you miserable. Blankets and rugs will make your home cosy, inviting, and a wonderful place to spend time.

4. Stay active 🏊‍️🧘‍️

Snow and ice may take jogging off the agenda, but that’s no excuse not to exercise, so keep moving! It will be beneficial to your health to stay active. You could try strength circuit training, weightlifting or an exercise DVD.

5. Broaden your horizons 🎨🎻

Why not use winter time for learning new things? Learn a new language, teach yourself how to knit, or maybe take up chess. There’s no limit to what you can do! Set yourself a goal and use the cold nights spent indoors to achieve it.

6. Relax 🧖‍️🍷

The outside world is full of stress, so take some time to rest, relax and reflect. Treat yourself to something that makes you happy, whether that’s a bubble bath, or indulging in a bit of retail therapy.

7. Do it yourself 🔨🔧

Why not use winter to get around to that DIY project you’ve been putting off? You could build a shelf, inject new life into an old armchair with some reupholstering, or re-tile your bathroom.

8. Sleep well 🛌😴

With such short days and long nights at this time of year, it’s important to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. Your room should be cool, dark, and quiet, but your duvet should keep you nice and warm. A tog of between 12 and 15 paired with a set of brushed cotton sheets will help you get your recommended 7-9 hours.

9. Get ready for spring 🌸

Get your spring cleaning done before the start of the season so that you’re free to fully enjoy the longer evenings and better weather. Organise your wardrobe, declutter your home, and give everything a good clean out.

Feeling chilly?

What are your top tips for surviving the long winter months?

At Weber, we care about people, and are committed to them. If you haven’t insulated your home against winter, find out more about our innovative and efficient EWI solutions by contacting your local Weber representative.

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