How to benefit from reduced noise pollution in your home

How to benefit from reduced noise pollution in your home

Unwanted noise can interfere with our daily routine and affect our quality of life. The higher the exposure to noise pollution is and the longer we suffer from it, the worse the negative effects. Noise can affect our physical health and overall well-being and touch many aspects of our lives, including concentration, sleep and mental health.

Research shows that when we’re exposed to noise, it raises our body’s stress levels which can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. With your health and well-being at risk, it’s important to take steps to reduce noise pollution in your home.

5 Steps you can take to improve the silence in your home

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    1. Turn off your devices

    Computers, TVs and phones all make noise, even when we’re not using them. If you can bear it, switch them off to give yourself a break. Otherwise, consider having a device-free bedroom.

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    2. Optimise for silence

    Noisy appliances such as washing machines should be far away from your bedroom and living room. If you can’t achieve this, try only running them at times when they won’t disturb you.

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    3. Soundproof your home

    Simple changes and improvements in your home you can help to reduce noise levels. Rugs or carpet can dampen the sound of hard floors. Soundproof windows and external wall insulation can help fight outside noise.

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    4. Earplugs and noise cancelling headphones

    Earplugs can be an easy and effective solution to provide you with silence at night to get the restful sleep you need. You can also wear them during the day if you really need to concentrate, but noise-cancelling headphones are another option to help you focus.

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    5. Create positive sounds

    There will always be a certain level of background noise. You could try cancelling it out with more peaceful sounds. Wind chimes, a crackling fire, or some soothing music can all help reduce noise-related stress.

How silence at home will improve your well-being

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    Reduced stress

    A quiet, peaceful environment will help to dispel tension in your body and mind. Keeping stress levels under control is important for your mental health as well as your physical well-being. It’ll have a positive knock-on effect in your life.

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    Improved sleep

    Sleep disturbed by noise can lead to insomnia, exhaustion and even depression. Silent nights and quiet surroundings will greatly increase your quality of sleep, restfulness and focus.

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    Improved memory

    When you don’t have to deal with external stress from noise, you can hear yourself think and better focus on remembering – leading to improved memory.

Silence is golden

Now that you know the negative impact of noise pollution on our health, you can follow these simple steps to achieve silence in your home. Silence can give you space to think, concentrate, recharge and reset your mind and improve our health and well-being.

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