Is Planning Permission required to render my house?

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Is Planning Permission leaving you feeling confused?

‘Planning Permission’ has been in around since July 1948 and limits the changes you can make to your property without agreed permission. Add to the table ‘Permitted Development Rights’ which were introduced in May 2019 and you might start to feel a little confused about what you can and can’t do to your home.

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Rendering restrictions

The official advice would state that you would not require Planning Permission if you were to use materials of a comparable appearance to those already used in the construction of your property. However, there are many conditions to this overarching guidance and you would need to apply for Planning Permission if:

  • The property is listed 
  • You reside in a conservation area (e.g. a National Park or Area of Outstanding Beauty)
  • The materials do not match the original house construction e.g. you are rendering using a different colour, rendering over bricks, removing pebbledash and replacing with render.

However if none of the above applies to you, then rendering your home would fall into Permitted Development Rights.

All these demands make rendering and Planning Permission a bit of a grey area so it may be worth applying for Planning Permission for your own peace-of-mind. You do not want to be in a situation where you have infringed regulations; removing render would be considerably more work than the original installation! It is worth noting that if you live in a National Park there may be certain render types, styles and colours specified by the Local Authority that you must adhere to.

Planning Permission vs Building Regulations

Whilst Planning Permission deals with the aesthetics of the façade in relation to the neighbouring area, Building Regulations consider the building design and construction with regards to health & safety and energy efficiency. If you are rendering more than 25% of your property it is recommended that you obtain consent from Building Regulations. If you think you may need Building Regulation approval and are not working with a company registered with the Competent Person Scheme, you can check via your local or private building control body.

We hope this guidance has been of help, but we would always recommend checking for relevant, up-to-date advice for your specific location, a good first step is to check

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