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Training and Development

When it comes to learning and development, we have various training options available to our employees, from Saint-Gobain Unicampus, to Boost! training platform.


Boost! is Saint-Gobain’s online learning platform that puts you in the centre by giving you an intuitive learning experience. From induction training to technical training to developing your soft skills, the learning opportunities are endless.

Boost! is not just an e-learning platform, you can also book instructor-led training, complete your appraisal and access ‘mindtools’ which are useful career development tools.  


Saint-Gobain Unicampus is a service of Saint-Gobain University, aiming to spread knowledge across the group. The aim is simple – to support Saint-Gobain’s growth and foster trust, empowerment and collaboration between colleagues.

Globally, Saint-Gobain employees can book onto different “camps” throughout the year where training is delivered. This allows the group to spread good working practices as well as fostering networking & cohesion between different counties and businesses.

Career development and internal movement

Saint-Gobain can offer you a career without boundaries. The group and the businesses within it, celebrate and encourage mobility. We have a number of colleagues at Weber that are true examples of this having joined Weber from other divisions within the group.

We regularly talk to our people about their career aspirations and development needs. We don’t just talk though, we provide them with the exposure and skills to progress in their careers whether that be through on-the-job training & experience, external training, apprenticeships and much more.

Weber UK

A career without boundaries

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