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Weber's commitment to training is widely recognised in the construction industry, and this commitment extends to the Continual Professional Development of construction professionals providing valuable information to Architects, Specifiers and Civil Engineers across the UK and Ireland.

We have a number of CPD Presentations available to help you understand the benefits of the type of systems and solutions that Weber can offer and support the ideal specification for your project.

RIBA Approved CPD Presentations

Modern Rendering using Monocouche Through-coloured Renders

This CPD is broken down into four sections:
Part 1 - looks at monocouche renders, explains where and how they are used and lists the benefits
Part 2 - examines the range of textures, colours and architectural features available
Part 3 - covers good practice when specifying and applying monocouche renders, from the substrate, application and finishing techniques
Part 4 - looks at regulation and control, provides essential guidance onto specification and certification

Render Protected External Wall Insulation

This CPD is broken down into four sections:
Part 1 - deals with what is External Wall Insulation, where and how it is used
Part 2 - looks at the performance of External Wall Insulation and the associated regulations
Part 3 - is the main body of the presentation which deals with the system types and the finishes that are available
Part 4 - we look at the application of External Wall Insulation systems and their specification

Introduction to Flowing Floor Screeds

This CPD is broken down into five sections:
Part 1 - Why and where to use high performance screeds such as hemi-hydrates, thin-levelling and design floor screeds
Part 2 - Examining the products credentials in terms of health, safety and sustainability
Part 3 - Options available for different applications
Part 4 - Demands that influence specification
Part 5 - Additional influencing factors

Floor Tiling onto Calcium Sulphate Screeds

This CPD is broken down into five sections:

Part 1 -  To inform & assist in the design and specification process
Part 2 - To highlight design considerations & relevant standards
Part 3 - To provide solutions & avoid problems
Part 4 - To gain an understanding of the key factors when specifying tiling works on anhydrite screeds
Part 5 - Identifying potential causes of problems & how to avoid them

Technical Mortar CPD Presentations

Concrete Repair to Building & Structures

This presentation includes hand placed materials for non-structural repairs and flowable or sprayed solutions for mass structural replacement where consistency, strength, speed of application and quality is paramount.
Part 1 - Introduction to concrete and concrete defects
Part 2 - EN 1504 – overview
Part 3 - Corrosion of steel in concrete
Part 4 - Patch repairs to structures
Part 5 - Flowing concrete repairs
Part 6 - Sprayed concrete repairs
Part 7 - Cathodic protection

Precision Grouts for Buildings & Structures

These high performance products can be used in any situation where accuracy in alignment is essential, or where transfer of dynamic or static loads is required. This presentation covers the uses, selection and installation methods of Precision Grouts.
Part 1What are grouts?
Part 2Markets and applications
Part 3Requirements of a grout
Part 4 Application of precision grouts
Part 5 Grout selection
Part 6 Anchoring and fixing

Structural Strengthening using Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP)

Efficient application and ease of use is essential in critical situations where concrete structures require strengthening or upgrading.  Products used in structural strengthening include fibrous materials such as glass and aramid fibre sheets, carbon fibre sheets and plates.
Part 1Introduction to epoxy resin and fibre types
Part 2Applications for FRP and design considerations
Part 3Case studies
Part 4Site practice
Part 5Standards and testing

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