Customer Satisfaction Survey - You said, we did!

Firstly we would like thank you for your feedback at the end of last year in our Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

Earlier this year we shared with you the results of our survey. Your feedback highlighted what we do well, but also showed us where we can make improvements.



2022 saw us achieve our highest ever Customer Satisfaction Index at 86.8%. Our Net Promoter Score (how likely customers are to recommend us) remained high at 68.3% and a world class score once more.

This keeps us in the top 30% of manufacturing companies!


We listened to your feedback and identified the following areas which needed improvement:

YOU SAID: Some of you were unsure who to contact for different types of queries

WE DID: We've created a contact sheet with most common query types & who to contact. This communication will help you identify which team at Weber can best resolve your query & provide you with the answers you need in a timely manner.

YOU SAID: Some would like more contact

WE DID: You will get the contact when and how you want it. We will be tailoring our contact schedule to your requirements, both on frequency and channel of communication.

YOU SAID: You'd like to know when your key contact has changed

WE DID: You will be kept fully updated to ensure you know who your key contact is at all times. We will notify you of any changes.


YOU SAID: First call resolution is important - you want to talk to the right person.

WE DID: We will bring the experts to you. When required we will arrange for the relevant team member to contact you to ensure you get the proficient response to your query. 

YOU SAID: You weren't sure what training options were available to you

WE DID: We're ensuring our teams are fully equipped to help support your bespoke training requirements to effortlessly guide you through the process. 

Documents are currently being produced to detail the training opportunities available to you.

Our training team now has a dedicated email contact address which will ensure your queries are dealt with by the right team in a timely manner.

We are also in the process of creating easy access digital content based on the training solutions you've said you need.


Our actions are driven by the voice of our customers. If you have any stories or feedback you would like to share with us, we're here to listen.

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