EWI fire testing CPD launched for architects and specifiers

A new CPD has been launched to help architects and specifiers improve their understanding of the fire safety considerations that must be made when specifying External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems

Fire Testing - CPD

Reaction to Fire – Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing Façade Systems

The Reaction to FireEverything You Need to Consider When Choosing Façade Systems is a new RIBA approved CPD training created by Weber to ensure that anyone involved in the specification of EWI systems is aware of what is required under the latest building regulations and what they should be looking for when it comes to test data.

The CPD provides a framework for what architects and specifiers should be asking for from product manufacturers so that they can demonstrate compliance and provide the necessary information for the golden thread. It also gives an overview of the differences between reaction to fire and fire resistance, the principles of fire resistance and the current regulatory framework.

James Thomson is a senior building surveyor at CUBE Building Consultancy and recently attended the online training.

“We found the presentation beneficial to help us understand the quality standards façades go through in relation to fire performance. The technical input from Weber’s specialist helped clarify the detail in the presentation.

The CPD benefits our business in understanding the types of façade available and associated risks when advising clients who own buildings covered with cladding. The CPD provides a contact point for a specialist should we have any queries on a type of façade system.”

Everything you need to consider when choosing External Wall (EWI) Systems

- Understanding Fire Resistance vs Reaction to Fire
- What the regulation and standards say
- Overview of regional differences

Specify with confidence and conscience

The presentation provides an in depth look at each of the different small and large scale fire tests and how these relate to standards, as well as giving insight into Weber’s own testing experiences and projects.

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Lee Lambley, technical director at Weber, said:

“Most specifiers will be familiar with the previous reaction to fire British Standard 476 fire test series, which has now evolved into amended tests under BS EN 13501 -1. Compliance with the new tests is needed to achieve Euroclass classifications stipulated within Building Regulations Approved Document B.

We’ve created this new CPD to inform architects and specifiers about the considerations necessary in their work to ensure due diligence in specification and detailing. It addresses points made in the Hackitt Review on why those involved in specification must look much deeper into claims around the fire safety performance of construction products than they may have done in the past.”

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