External wall insulation board fixing

It is accepted good practice and also recommended by Weber that insulation boards are fixed horizontally i.e. with the long axis of the board horizontal in a “brick bond” type of pattern. This ensures that the horizontal joints in the boards are at 90 degrees to the vertical joints in the meshcloth resulting in an “equalised” system.

Fixing of the boards in the vertical orientation is only allowable to overcome specific issues in discrete areas and only then with the prior consent of Weber via the appropriate applications manager and/or specification consultant. This may include issues such as a section of substrate that cannot be fixed into and installation of the boards in the vertical orientation allows it to be bridged.

Deviation from Weber recommendations without prior written consent from Weber would become the responsibility of the person(s) authorising the deviation and any subsequent issues arising due to the unauthorised deviation would not be supported/guaranteed by Weber. Authorisation would not be granted in situations where the substrate is of a known, sound type and there is no technical reason for reorientation of the boards.

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