B/E Aerospace - Northern Ireland

A 1970s industrial office building in Northern Ireland was dramatically transformed into a stylish and efficient 21st century office environment by the skilful application of webertherm XM External Wall Insulation. 

The original building followed construction methods of the period with a brickwork plinth up to window cill height and a blockwork structure with wall cladding up to the flat roof fascia. Limited insulation had been integrated and the building was difficult and expensive to heat in winter. The renovation plans called for the fascia height to be raised to improve the building's exterior aesthetics. The lightweight EWI system uses thin-coat polymer renders with mesh cloth reinforcement applied to an insulation board which extends the life of the existing building, substantially improves thermal performance and facilitates the remodelling and decoration of tired facades. Another advantage is that the exterior application of the system means there is no disruption to internal accommodation allowing the staff and business operations to continue uninterrupted. Nearly 400m² of webertherm XM EWI has been applied to the building in a six week operation carried out by an experienced team. The thermal efficiency has been substantially improved and the owner expects to see an overall reduction in energy costs. The new visual appearance of the building is now much more in keeping with the modern, high technology company that operates from these premises.

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