Cruddas Park - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Five tower blocks owned by Newcastle City Council have undergone a full refurbishment both internally and externally. 

The use of BBA approved webertherm XM external wall insulation (EWI) system has created thermally efficient buildings with reduced energy costs and CO² emissions. The existing U-value of 1.45 W/m²K has been improved to a comfortable 0.29 W/m²K whilst completely rejuvenating the exterior aesthetics. Residents now enjoy technically advanced homes that enhance the community landscape.

Following consultation, webertherm XM external wall insulation system with two render finishes was specified. A polymer-modified topcoat render with an aggregate dry dash was selected as the main overall finish due to the excellent water shedding properties, with contrasting feature bands created by use of weberplast TF, a synthetic finish available in over 200 colours. Mineral fibre was selected as the choice of insulation to achieve the specified U-value as it is non combustible and also greatly reduces sound.

The webertherm XM system provided a durable and resilient solution with aesthetically pleasing finishes with minimum disruption to the residents, it was these characteristics which contributed towards the project being named the INCA (Insulated Render & Cladding Association) 2011 Project of the year.

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